Merleau-Ponty: A guide for the Perplexednglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Merleau-Ponty Guide Merleau-Ponty is claimed to be “one of the most important figures in the existential and phenomenological traditions in the twentieth-century Continental philosophy”. And this Guide for the Perplexed by Eric Matthews set out to explore the key themes of the philosopher including his ideas about Perception; Embodiment; Behaviour; Being Human; Time; other People, Society & […] At the Beginning Was the SignifierEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Signifier

buy Ivermectin for humans At the beginning was the word. An obvious start in the realm of the talking cures would naturally have us look at what is effectively heard during sessions: words. At the time, Freud had already made an all-important distinction between a word, say the word ‘t-a-b-l-e’, and the actual concept of the thing itself – […]