Post-Structuralism and Postmodernism – M. SarupEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Post-Structuralism and Post-Modernism An Introductory Guide to Post-Structuralism and Postmodernism by Madan Sarup brings thinkers including Freud, Lacan but also philosophers such as Derrida, Foucault, Nietzsche and Hegel in a debate around the question of what it means to be a human subject. Sarup’s introduction helps therapists, analysts, students or passionate in psychoanalysis and philosophy to situate the […]

Post-Modernism for Psychotherapists – D. LoewenthalEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy post-modernism for psychotherapists If the Modern was a time in culture which saw man as the centre of his thoughts, bringing to mind Descartes’ ‘I think therefore I am’, and in this context ushering in various philosophical schools such as existentialism, humanism and phenomenology, post-modernism – along with post-structuralism – may be described as the last attack on […]

Subjectivity and Otherness – Lorenzo ChiesaEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Subjectivity Otherness

decently Subjectivity and Otherness: A Philosophical Reading of Lacan by Lorenzo Chiesa was my point of entry in the work of Jacques Lacan, simultaneously with Heidegger’s Being and Time and Freud’s Beyond the Pleasure Principle; perhaps not such a bad combination, given the title of this book. For indeed, however Freudian Lacan claims he is – […]

The Divided Self – R. D. LaingEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Divided Self Laing

Young The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness by R. D. Laing (1927-1989) may still be considered a landmark writing today. It is expected that students in Psychotherapy and Counselling will read Laing, starting with the Divided Self and perhaps follow with his Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise. The reason […]

Politics of Experience & Bird of Paradise – R. D. LaingEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy politics of Experience Laing

The Politics of Experience & The Bird of Paradise from R. D. Laing is a little book (only 160 pages) which is no less important to own and read in all seriousness. In it R. D. Laing explores the influencethe the society at large (what in Lacanian terms we would name the Other) imposes on […]

Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit – KojèveEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Phenomenology of Spirit

Alexandre Kojève (Russian: Александр Владимирович Кожевников, Aleksandr Vladimirovič Koževnikov; April 28, 1902 – June 4, 1968) was a Russian-born French philosopher and statesman whose philosophical seminars had an immense influence on twentieth-century French philosophy, particularly via his reintroduction of Hegelian concepts to continental philosophy. In 1933-1939 he delivered in Paris a series of lectures on […]

At the Beginning Was the SignifierEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Signifier

At the beginning was the word. An obvious start in the realm of the talking cures would naturally have us look at what is effectively heard during sessions: words. At the time, Freud had already made an all-important distinction between a word, say the word ‘t-a-b-l-e’, and the actual concept of the thing itself – […]

The Mirror Stage or the Birth of SubjectivityEnglish French Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy The Mirror Stage

In Lacanian circles, the ‘mirror stage’ is regarded as nothing less than marking a fundamental turning point, a radical change, in the psychical development of the human infant. For the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan it is between 6 and 18 months that the infant is effectively given to choose between accepting to receive an image […]